Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fall 2009

What an amazing time we've had the last few months. So many changes have happened and we had some fun and some stress!
The most important and fun change we've had is Daniel coming home from his mission on September 1st. We were so excited to finally see him again. He was home for a few weeks before he went to Utah County to find a job and start working before beginning school in January at BYU. He is working at the Brick Oven in Provo. His hours aren't great and they are not flexible with his schedule, but it's a job! He doesn't work on Sunday which he is especially happy about!
Braden opened his mission call on August 5th. He opened it up at about 11:15 p.m. He was working that day and Max wasn't home in the morning. He was so excited and we could hardly believe it when he read Brazil Recife. Now we have three weeks until he leaves. He is excited and anxious to leave and admittedly nervous. I am excited for him and so sad that I won't see him for two years.
The other big event and the stress that we "enjoyed" was having an exchange student from Brazil come and stay with us. We chose a girl named Izabella. We communicated with her through email and felt like we got to know her and her family before she came. We were excited to have her come and met her at the airport with a big sign and balloons. Nathan introduced her to all his friends and took her to all her classes for 3 days. She was here for about 8 weeks and she left and is now in Arizona. She could have really fit into our family well, but she wanted a maid and special treatment. Well more special than what we were giving her. She mostly didn't want to have any rules or anyone telling her what she had to do or not do! In fact, she wanted to tell us what to do! It is very good that she is not here anymore because things are much more relaxed and pleasant here now. But what an interesting experience!