Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Elder Braden Barker

Braden seems to be doing well in Brazil.  Here is his latest email:

I am feeling better now.  I still have a little cough, but I am definitely better. I don´t  have a lot to say this week.

This week was so much fun, although by Sunday night I was exhausted.  We usually have lunch at a member´s house at 12 everyday.  That means we start working at 1.  This week we didn´t even take our hour for dinner.  We worked from 1 until 9 everyday.  It is so fun and I love it.  I don´t even get hungry.  I know the Lord blesses us when we are doing his work.  We taught so many lessons this week.  We doubled and tripled the amount of lessons that I was teaching with my trainer.  I am learning a lot from Elder McBride, he is helping me learn the lessons better and to speak Portuguese better.  This transfer is going to be a lot of fun.
The only new Elder in our apartment is my new companion.  The other two Elders didn´t get transferred.  They were pretty excited to stay, they have really turned their area around.  My Portuguese is still pretty rough.  I am understanding more and more every week, but I am still having a pretty hard time. Hopefully this transfer I can learn a lot.

I am only about in hour bus ride from Recife.  It is pretty hot and humid.  Elder McBride came from farther in Pernambuco, and he said it was 70 degrees or so.  It is consistently 85-90 degrees in my area. There are trees in my area, but its not like a jungle or anything.  I have had some glimpses of the beach, but only from out of the bus window.  I still haven´t played soccer yet.
Yesterday night we couldn´t do much work.  It was a big soccer game between two big teams that are here in Pernambuco.  Everyone was watching the game, and everyone was drunk.  It was pretty dangerous to be on the streets, so we returned to our house by about 6:30.
I want to keep working hard this transfer and learning a lot.  Hopefully by the end of the transfer I can understand and speak Portguese well.  I love you all.
Elder Braden Barker

Now if we can just get some pictures from him!